Thursday, March 23, 2006

You'd think I never even bought a digital camera.

I had wild fantasies that once I bought a digital camera, my blog would be full of amazing pictures. I carry my little camera with me everywhere, waiting for the perfect photo op to arise. Alas... not only is my blog severely lacking fun pictures, I'm not even updating it.

For the record, I keep this blog because it's the only way I'll write with any frequency or regularity. Notice, I haven't updated since last Friday.

I'm thinking about pretending like I have a baby, because really, that's when the humor starts. I thought it was just me who loved reading the mommy blogs, but I've experienced two instances in the past month of people who share my view. One is my friend Amy, who is celebrating her 26th birthday today - HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY AMY. On her blog... you know, the secret one she didn't tell me about for months... she posted an entry about this very thing. I'd link it, but she has since deleted it. She talked about how she wanted to have a baby just so she could blog about it.

And then, last night, we played Euchre with Lisa and Allyson (one of our two favorite lesbian couples). I think Lisa has a consistent dialogue going through her head, because she'll often start talking about something no one else is talking about, in a way that makes you believe that you were talking about it and you just don't remember. Out of the blue, she said, "I read Chara's blog, too." We weren't talking about Chara (cool mom of 2), blogging, or even writing. She continued; "Her blog is really funny."

I never like to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and I'm not a fan of soliciting compliments, so I nodded. Another person would have said, "OH, so mine's NOT??" But I know Chara's a better writer than I, and indeed, it could be argued her blog is funnier than mine, so I simply agreed.

Of course, Lisa caught herself, and couldn't manage to find her way out: "I mean, yours is funny too..."

I tried to throw her a rope by saying, "No, Chara is a great writer."

She tried to sympathize with me: "It's just that she actually has funny things to write about."

I could do nothing but agree. And mentally plot out the quickest way for me to get pregnant.

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