Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I like it!

A List: Things I Used To Dislike But Now Enjoy Immensely, Or Am Starting To Enjoy

1. Avocado/Guacamole.

2. Seafood - this is the biggest surprise to even myself. Shrimp, mahi mahi, lobster, turbot = yummy.

3. Foreign cars.

4. Two very popular slang words for a woman's privates - one begins with a C, one begins with a P.

5. Beer.

6. Tofu.

7. Politics.

8. Medium to large sized dogs: specifically, labs and rotties.

9. The idea of marriage.

10. Running.

A List: Things I Used To Like But No Longer Enjoy

1. Lunchmeat, specifically turkey.

2. White bread (I enjoy white sandwich bread maybe once a year. This doesn't include Italian or French bread, which I still love. When it comes to sandwiches, though, I prefer wheat or rye.)

3. Chemical peanut butter: Skippy, Jiff, Peter Pan, etc.

4. Coffeemate flavored creamer.

5. Keeping my hair cut short.

6. Self-deprecation.

7. Myspace. (I don't hate it enough to stop using it... ha!)

8. Select people from my past.

9. The whole "starving artist" thing.

10. "Survivor."

A List: Things I've Always Hated And Probably Always Will.

1. Mustard.

2. Salmon.

3. The word "monies."

4. Sushi.

5. Lying.

6. Bugs.

7. Black licorice.

8. Summer blockbusters. (Admittedly, this is very much a generalization.)

9. Tequila shots.

10. Flesh eating viruses.

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