Thursday, March 23, 2006


I've been having a year long debate with myself over what irony really is. I gave up on asking Alanis to define it for me, because she sure as hell doesn't know. And I think I may have found a good example, right here on this very blog.

In my previous post, I aired what I see as some of my own inadequacies with my blog and my writing, in the form of a story where a friend inadvertently compared myself and another blogger. I mentioned how I don't like soliciting compliments from people.

The irony is that in doing so, in the telling of this story, I have solicited compliments; reassurances, if you will. This was unintentional. While I enjoy compliments as much as the next person, I apologize to my vast sea of readers* for unintentionally "seeking out" validation. In the same breath, I thank those of you who have said nice things to me about my blog and my writing, and I appreciate every comment every person leaves on here, nice or otherwise.

This, my friends, is irony. I think.

*This, however, is sarcasm.

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