Friday, March 17, 2006

And so on.

There are some things you just have to get used to when you move to Los Angeles. And here they are, in no particular order.

1. When people say, "It's so clear out today!" they're not referring to cloud cover, but rather to smog cover. The difference in the look of the city on a normal day versus the day after it rains is mind boggling. Truly.

2. There are a lot of unfortunate, crazy people in the world. And some of those people are homeless. The others are actors.

3. Fifty degrees, indeed, is really, really cold.

4. People aren't always sincere.

5. The traffic is really, really, truly awful. It's no joke.

I've been pretty lucky with number five. I've always had jobs where I'm going against traffic, so I never have more than a half hour commute. Somone threw a wrench into this glory the past three nights... a 12 mile drive, which as mentioned in the sentence before this one, normally takes 30 minutes has taken me over an hour the past three nights. And for no reason. There are no accidents. There's no construction. It seems as though the population of Los Angeles has literally doubled overnight.

What do I do to combat traffic related stress? I take pictures. While I'm driving. To share with you.

This is on the 101 freeway, where I usually average 55-60mph on the way home.



Still a good four exits from where I need to be...

This is my exit! Yay!


This is my exit ramp. Boo.


I sat on the exit ramp for a little under 10 minutes, so I had time to take these:



The pictures are not perfect on account of it being nighttime, which really makes the flash sort of useless (I hate the flash anyway), and I'm actually inching along in my car during a lot of them. But you get the idea.


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