Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still alive.

I'm still alive, but very busy. Here's what has been up since Sydney:

May 4-6 - Friends from home, Jesse and Paul, visited Los Angeles and stayed with us. They're moving to Los Angeles THIS WEEKEND!! They were in town to find an apartment. They found one quickly, and it gave us the rest of the weekend to have a blast and go to Venice Beach to get gina a brand new tattoo. I'll post pictures soon. The tattoo is pretty hot. Mmm.

May 10-13 - gina and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend and met up with her brother and sister-in-law, who flew in from Cleveland. I think I won a little bit of money - I came home with only 80 dollars less than I went with, and that includes all the food we ate. Highlights included: gina WASTED, dancing at Margaritaville and trying to get random strangers to squeeze her breasts; four black jacks in a row at Jake Blues' table; hitting the "sucker bet" on $5 and winning $95; staying up all night Saturday night gambling and then driving home Sunday morning right after we left the black jack table at 7am.

May 17-21 - Headed up to Seattle for work. It was beautiful the first day, so-so the second day, and FREEZING AND RAINY the third day. I got to hang out with my friend Gina from college, so that was really fun. I got a driving tour of Seattle from she and her main man Dan, and I also got to play quite a bit wtih her dog Speck. It was good, all in all.

Here's what's coming UP:

Today-May 29 - Off to Ohio! For sister Jackie's graduation. I find that I'm looking forward to this trip more than I've looked forward to going home for a long time. I think it's because we're going home for a celebration. It's been a while since things have been happy there in Ohio. I'm looking forward to a fun party with all of my family, and I'm beyond excited that gina's able to go with me. We're seriously needing some time together, and if I have to take that in the form of a five hour flight to Ohio, I will.

May 29-June 2 - When I land in Los Angeles on May 2, I'll have about two hours to get my bags and check in for a flight to Las Vegas at about 2 that afternoon. I have four days of work in Vegas, which you'd never find me complaining about, EXCEPT that that's another week away from home. Sigh.

June 2 - I'll fly to San Diego from Vegas because on June 3, gina's running another marathon in San Diego. We drive back to LA after the marathon on June 3.

June 5 - GINA'S BIRTHDAY! On this day I will finally be able to give her the awesome gift I got her, and we are also going to see Brandi Carlile and the Indigo Girls.

Hopefully I'll have about a week off before June 14, when gina and I leave for HOLLAND for TEN DAYS! Some time will be spent working, but more time will be spent hanging out with gina's brother's family.

After Holland, it's looking like Hawaii for work...

I'll update as I can!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sydney and Saturday

I've made it back from Syndey, after a very long and uneventful and did I mention long flight back on Friday. Here are some more pictures:




Bondi Beach...

Bondi Beach.


Look how clear the water is!

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge:


Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge in the sunlight.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


From Milson's Point...

From Mrs Macquary's Park:
Skyline -  Sydney

The Taronga Zoo:

Ferry ride over to the zoo:
Ferry ride to Taronga Zoo


Baby Wallaby:

Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby

Koala - he was walking right towards my camera:

CU Koala

Meerkats - by far the animal which captivity seems to have affected the least - they were so curious and seemed so happy:

Curious meerkat


Tiger - I felt really bad for the tigers. They were obviously not pleased to be there, although I think they had been raised in captivity:

Small species of Tiger

Tiger hissing at zoo visitors:

Tiger hissing at the zoo visitors.  Eeeps!

There was this little section of the zoo that you had to enter two gates to get through, but once you were inside it was a small path through this little kangaroo and wallaby habitat. It was pretty amazing.





There was also this huge bird there which was not shy. Gina asked if it was threatening, and I responded with, "You see a bird that big walking towards you, you don't care what it's thinking. You get out of the way."

Huge bird

Even the wallaby got out of the way when it saw the bird coming - he hopped right in front of me on the path:

Wallaby on the run

View of Sydney from the zoo:

View of the city from the Taronga Zoo

I fell in love with this city. So clean and beautiful and not overcrowded. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my job.

I love it!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Steal a koala from Sydney - check.

Me and some koalas.

(Yes, this picture of me is really awful. But look... this photo isn't about Katie. It's about Katie with the koalas!)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Aussie Wasps

Aussie Wasps

The things I go through for my job... I could hear these wasps plotting to attack us. It was a narrow escape.