Friday, March 31, 2006


I've always been kind of fascinated with DNA - how kids can look JUST like their mom, or be a spitting image of their father, so much so that it looks like the other spouse wasn't even in the room when the kid was conceived. Most people tell me I look like my mom. In my face, I see things that are very much my mom's side of the family. Recently, I've realized I have the same shaped smile as my dad.

My sisters are significantly younger than me. Jessie is 19 and Jackie is 17. Still, when I go back to Ohio, my relatives oftentimes mistake me for Jackie. Enough so that they will say hi as if it hasn't been a full year since I'd seen them last. I take this as a compliment. I'm 27 years old and get mistaken for a 17 year old. I'm okay with that.

Whether or not we're spitting images of each other, my sisters and I look remarkably alike, especially as they are getting older. Jackie and I looked the exact same as kids... Jessie, not so much. But now... see for yourself.

This is me. This is my look that unenthusiastically says, "Oh, really." I got new glasses, by the way, so they're not crooked on my face anymore.


This is my sister Jessie, in the blue jacket, making virtually the same face, 2000 miles away:

Jess in the blue jacket

Here's Jessie and Jackie, in a kind of outdated photo (Jessie's in the sunglasses):


Jackie and I from last summer:


Jackie and I, Christmas 2004:


Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend. We're off to see Gioavnni! (And Gina's two brothers, and her mom and dad.)

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