Monday, March 13, 2006

Upon further inspection...

Remember how my service light came on? I went to a mechanic across the street from where I work and left my car there for the day so good old Ralph could check her out. I went to pick her up at the end of the day and he gave me the following estimate:

ELECTRONIC IGNITION (MINOR) - Tune - (Includes: Check compression. Clean or replace spark plugs an air cleaner. Inspect and/or replace distributor cap and rotor. Inspect ignition cables. Adjust ignition timing and idle speed.)
Total: $119.00

(Additional time) - Where cruise control interferes.
Add: $25.50

(Combination) FUEL FILTER - Remove and replace.
Total: $17.00

SPARK PLUG WIRE SET - Remove and replace - Includes: Test wires.
Total: $59.50

Total parts: $148.07
Total labor: $221.00
Tax: $12.22

Total: $381.29

He also wrote in pen: Engine oil and filter; Transmission service.

This information was based on what my manual says needs to be done after a certain mileage. That is, he couldn't find anything wrong with the car, so he just told me what I should do. First of all, I don't have cruise control. Secondly, about 2 weeks ago, I got an oil change and my transmission serviced. Apparently he couldn't pick up on any of that by "checking out" my car.

Upon a further inspection of the car by me and Gina (mostly Gina), we realized the what was causing the service light to come on. Turns out, the estimate should have looked like this:

Passenger side headlight needs replaced.
Cost: Less than $30.00.

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