Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Here's where I remember why I used to love television.

When Survivor first premiered, I didn't understand the premise. I was on the phone with Rachel and she said, "Yeah, it's this show where they leave people on this island and see who survives." In my mind, that meant that, literally, if you made it off the island alive, you won. That was CRAZY to me, and I refused to watch it. I finally tuned in about the sixth episode of the first season, realized it wasn't life or death, and became addicted. (I'm happy to report I've recovered from my Survivor addiction and no longer watch the show.)

My point is, I should have taken that idea and run with it. Island. Survival of the fittest. Death. What does this all add up to?

L O S T.

Gina and I have been meaning to watch this show since she moved here six months ago. We've been meaning to get it on DVD, watch the whole first season, and then catch up on the second season. We kept forgetting about it, until Gina found out Michelle Rodriguez is a cast member. Then it became priority.

Here is a timeline of our weekend:


5:30am - I wake up for a shoot in Newport Beach.

4:30pm - Text from Gina: "Do you know Michelle Rodriguez is on Lost?"

4:35pm - Text to Gina: "No I didn't... do you want to rent that tonight?"

4:35pm - Text from Gina: "YES PLEASE."

7:30pm - Phone call to Larchmont Blockbuster: "Do you have the 1st season of Lost on DVD? All but the last disc? Great."

7:45pm - We check out discs one and two, each with four episodes. Total: $10.00

8:00pm-12:00am - We watch the first five episodes. We're hooked.

12:00am - I go to bed, after being up since 5:30.


12:00am-3:30am - Gina finishes the second three episodes and comes to bed.

9:15am - I wake up. I start watching to catch up with Gina.

12:00pm - We return to Larchmont Blockbuster and rent dics three, four, and five. (Six was checked out) $15.00

12:30pm - 9:15pm - We watch nine episodes. They're about 42 minutes a piece. I leave to go out.


1:00am - I come home, Gina's still watching. She won't turn it off, I don't want to see anything I've missed, so I leave, take a nap in my car, and come back upstairs about 1:45. She's finished all of the discs.

2:00am - We go to bed.

9:30am - 2:00pm - We run errands: farmer's market, grocery shopping, and a quest to find the last disc at a Blockbuster. No one has it. I call Rachel. She's burned it, we can borrow it. We pick it up at 2.

2:00pm - 6:45pm - We go home, I catch up and watch the remaining episodes.

6:45pm - We put Rachel's disc six in. It doesn't work.

6:50pm - I hook up a different DVD player, hoping that'll work. It doesn't.

7:15pm - We buy the first season of Lost on DVD at Target for $51.99 + tax, which brings our grand total of money spent on this show to nearly $80.00.

7:45pm - 12:00am - We watch the remaning four episodes, the last of which is an hour and a half long.


12:00am - 1:00am - We watch the L Word, which was a really dramatic episode but seemed like sitcom after Lost.

11:30am - I find out I can download ALL OF THE SECOND SEASON (so far) from iTunes. I download the premiere, but hold off on the other ones because Rachel promises she can hook me up.

7:00pm - Gina comes home sick. I give her Advil, a massage, and tell her she should sleep.

9:00pm - Gina's still not awake, and I can't wait any longer. I watch the season premiere on my laptop.

Gina ended up sleeping straight through until morning, and finally, the 26 hours of creepy TV caught up with me and I had a horrible nightmare. And still, all I can do is think about when Rachel will have the rest of season 2 to give me on DVD. I'm hoping for Thursday.

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