Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My little Canon Sure Shot 35mm camera broke a few weeks ago. I turned it in to a camera shop Monday the 27th, and they promised they'd call within a week to tell me how much it'd be to fix it. In the young fella's words, "It can be definitely fixed, it's just a matter of whether or not it's worth it." Yeah. The camera's about two years old, and the damn latch on the film door broke.

Usually, I'd be okay waiting for my camera to be fixed, but on March 2, they still hadn't looked at it, and on that same day, Gina's brother and his wife had a baby. We decided we'd leave the next day to go see the new little boy. And me without a camera. Can you imagine?

So what do I do? The only practical thing there is to do. I go to Target on my lunch break on Friday and buy a little Canon Power Shot A520. You are now witnessing me moving into the digital age, dear readers, as this is my very first digital camera. I'm still partial to film, and I'll get my film camera fixed if it's not too expensive, but boy howdy do I love this new little camera. It hasn't left my side since Friday.

Now that I have that out of the way, I'd like to discuss some stuff. And of course, I have visual aides. Yessss.

First and foremost, after three adorable nieces, Gina finally has a nephew! His name is Giovanni Paolo. As my friend Wendy said when she heard the name, Viva la Roma!

Here he is, looking all pink and rosy thanks to the soft focus feature on my lovely little camera:

Handsome boy.

Gina kept calling me Uncle Katie, but the truth is, if anyone's the uncle, it's Gina. Giovanni can't really figure it out, though...

Aunt or Uncle?

On our way home, we hit a huge rain storm:

Rain on window.

The windshield.

A day after we got back, following several weeks of me cautiously talking about how well my car has been behaving, I was greeted to this:

This sucks.


In other news, I went out to dinner last night with some friends at The Abbey, which is a gay boy hot spot in West Hollywood. Whenever my group of friends and I see a girl who is most likely gay, or a group of most likely gay girls, we always say, "Ladies!" or we carry it further: "Ladies, please! We can work it out!" as though passing lesbians are like dogs and we're on their turf, and they're about to attack. We laugh quite a bit about this. So you can imagine our reaction when the bill came to our table last night and this is what it looked like:


And finally, one of my favorite things about our apartment is our view. Here is the view from our window:

View from our apartment.

Unfortunately, if you look to the right, this is also a view:

View 2

Hollywood, everybody!

Thing I'm working on: figuring out how to put a Flickr badge in a decent place on my blog. Every time I try to put it on here, it's all riding up on my text, ruining my life.

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