Thursday, January 12, 2006

You have to TELL me these things!

I have a friend named Amy. I adore Amy, everything Amy. We became fast friends when we realized we have pretty much everything in common. We view the world around us very similarly... we have the same sense of humor, and we want similar things out of life.

Having received this backstory, you will understand my shock and horror that came from the following conversation:

K: I can't believe how long this entry [on Jeremy's website] is!
A: I know! And it was longer. He cut it down. It was six pages in Word.
K: Oh, he writes his entries in Word first?
A: Yeah.
K: I don't do that.
A: Me neither.

*Here's the turning point in the conversation. Amy tends to be distracted while we're on the phone, so I figured this was another instance of that. So I said:

K: You don't have a blog, Amy.
A: (silence) Oh. Um, I do actually. Have one.

Amy and I spend maybe 60 percent of our time together talking about how we both need to write more, we both need to share our comic genius with the world. And she fails to tell me she has a blog??

So naturally, I go to her "blog," which I cannot link here because her excuse for not telling me is that she doesn't "want anyone to read it" (whatever), and I realize why she failed to tell me about it.

It's funnier than mine. It's better written, with a more defined voice. She has better stories, as evidenced by this blurb in the "about me" section of her page:

"My family consists of Jews, Catholics, drug addicts, hookers, homos, blacks, whites, and retards. So basically, I'm a really good catch."

(All true.)

Sigh. This girl from Ohio has nothing on that.

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