Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's Something! Now with more This!

Again, in an effort to update this daily to keep my readers happy, I'm just going to touch on a few things.

1. Sister Gets Fired - Whenever I call my sister Jessie, she usually answers her cell phone with a very groggy but happy, "Heeey..." as if she's always thrilled to hear from me but barely awake to be conscious of it. She's 19 years old and a sophomore in college, so her life consists of work, class and partying, and sleeping every second in between. She's at that magical age where her life elicits both pity and envy. She's going through every rite of passage 19-year-olds endure, and she's having a hell of a fun time doing it. Today, she informed me that she got fired from her job as a Video Store Chick. She has expressed to me a number of times how much she loves this job, and as I talked to her today about the circumstances of her termination (she called in sick from a high fever and was late the following day - apparently at jobs where you make $7.00 an hour, that's grounds for firing...??), all I could think of was this little girl born on a Wednesday in the summer of 1986, the answer to my pleas to my parents to give me a little sister; the little girl whose curly hair was always kept up in a little fountain-like ponytail on the top of her head, her face always covered in thick freckles, and her blanket dragging on the floor behind her like a shadow.

2. Jeremy’s Endless Array of Useless Knowledge - My friend Jeremy is an interesting guy – nerd turned sexy boy, an asshole that would do anything for you. I gotta say though, he constantly outdoes himself with his geekiness. Starting with his football talk, seen in full force here, onto his obsession with Laguna Beach and Jessica Smith’s breasts, onto the latest installment of Jeremy Abramson is a Total Geek and Also Pop Culture’s Dream Come True. You’re seeing this right, folks. He is beginning his Ultimate Hump List of all of the previous SIXTEEN SEASONS of Real World cast mates. Two things here: how does he remember everyone and to which season they belong? And, how in the hell can it be possible that Real World is entering it’s SEVENTEENTH SEASON? I’m a hundred years old, apparently.

3. Celebrity Sighting - Doogie Howser, MD, or, as he prefers to be called now, "Neil Patrick Harris" (whatever) at Subway on the corner of Riverside and Laurel Canyon.

4. Movies That Are Not Comedies - Munich. We saw it last night. Great movie – not a comedy.

5. Favorite Movies of the Year - Walk the Line, King Kong, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Munich, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Look for more later about these movies – I’m sure I’ll write a pre-Oscar post.

6. Moving - I’m moving in with Gina. I have 32 issues of the New Yorker I can’t seem to throw away, even though I’ll most likely never, ever get around to reading them. Sigh.

7. Best Coffee Available Within Walking Distance of My Job - A little place called "It’s Coffee Time." Ask me how many times the following conversation is had during a week:

Person A: Hey, guess what time it is?
Person B: What time?

Estimated date this joke will get old: the 15th of NEVER.

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