Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Million Little Paychecks

Has anybody read this book A Million Little Pieces by some guy called James Frey? Well, apparently, Mr. Frey wasn't so honest in his little memoir, an account of the author... well, falling into A Million Little Pieces. Clever title, James.

I haven't read the book, but I will, eventually. I'll read it because I hear it's interesting and well written. But all of the Oprah followers are getting their collective panties in a bunch because James Frey embellished a little bit, and now they're all out to get him. He's returning to Oprah today, apparently, for a public stoning.

I want to ask all of you: who cares? Who cares if he embellished? Does it change your life, the fact that he added/changed a few details here and there? Because you know, sometimes, when people add or a few details here and there, it DOES change lives. Can you think of any examples of this? Any?

How about embellishing details that lead to war? About some weapons or something? I mean, just as a for-instance, let's just SAY there was someone in charge who fudged some intelligence, or used outdated information... let's just SAY this happened. And let's just SAY that embellishment led America into an war we can't win, a war where thousands of Americans die. Would there be as big of a backlash as there has been on this poor crazy fellow James Frey?

It's not a rhetorical question. The answer is no. What you would do, the majority of you Americans who live in the middle of the country, is you would re-elect the guy in charge for another four years. That's what you would do.

You would also take The DaVinci Code as the truth.

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