Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nowhere. That's where.

There's this bizarre phenomenon I've noticed about Los Angeles - it seems to only rain when no one is watching. More specifically, when everyone is sleeping. I love the rain - it's what I miss most about seasonal change in Ohio - and am always sad when I wake up and I've completely slept through a rain storm.

Today is different. They forecasted rain, and lo and behold, it rained. It rained my whole way to work, and when I was just about there, I thought - "Do I have an umbrella in the car?" Luckily I did.

Turns out, I didn't really need it. My production company doesn't have a ton of parking, so most of the time, the employees have to park on the street - unless you're a supervising producer or some other high-up. This certainly isn't the most convenient, but it's not that big of a deal. Today, when I got out of my car and rounded up all of my stuff, being careful to shove my book in my purse so that it didn't get wet, a familiar blue minivan pulled slowly up beside me. A girl I recognized from work was sitting in the passenger seat. "Want a ride?" The owners had instructed the PAs to drive the company minivan around the block and pick up any wet producers and drive them the 3/4 mile to the office.

Where else in the country will you find a company that as soon as it starts sprinkle some rain, they send their folks out to pick up their employees in a warm minivan?

See the answer in the title of this post.

And that is why I love this city.

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