Friday, March 02, 2007

Mmm... coffee.

I've been meaning to write about our BRAND NEW APARTMENT and how UTTERLY ENORMOUS it is, but it's been a very, very busy week. We did move and we're just about all moved in. I can't wait to be able to post the before and after pics I have planned. In the meantime, I am entering the month of March with hesitation and excitement. Here's why:

Currently in:
Seattle, WA

Fly back:
This weekend for gina's marathon - more commonly known as The LA Marathon

Leaving for:
Holland, next Thursday

Flying back:
To LA the following Tuesday

Leaving for:
New York City on St. Patrick's Day

Returing to LA:
March 20th

Possibly leaving for:
Buenos Aires on March 21st.

Returning to LA:
March 27th

Leaving for:
Palm Springs on March 30th to see Sandy! again at the Dinah Shore Weekend.

See? Hesitation and excitement.

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