Thursday, March 22, 2007

Before & After.

I finally have a day off and have decided to post some before and after pictures of the apartment(s). I took quite a few pictures at the old apartment, but looking at them, there are very few I'm willing to share. I'm not sure how we managed there for a whole year. But boy-oh-boy, it was worth it.

Here is the "computer desk/dining room table" which lived in the kitchen in the old place. The table was given to me by KTP about four or five years ago, when I was making very little money and living by myself. It's been a great table - we have no plans to get rid of it. But it's moving to storage for now.

Computer desk

Here's the printer, on top of a lovely rubbermaid drawer set I proudly purchased in my younger days:

The printer

In the new apartment, we actually have a separate space for eating:

Table, front & center


...and working:


And even some room for the Mana Mana guy and the Snowdens:

Mananana... doo doo doo doo doo.

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