Saturday, February 17, 2007

California Adventure - The Return.

It's so great to come home from vacation to a three day weekend.

We had a blast on our California Adventure. Gina even straightened her hair for the occasion:

My girl with straight hair.

We realized that the party is 24 hours in Gorman, CA:

The party is 24 hrs in Gorman!

We enjoyed coffee:


But nothing compared to the end of Wednesday:



We enjoyed breakfast at a trendy little place across the street from our hotel:


We spent a good part of the day Thursday driving:

Highway 1

Hwy 1

Highway 1

We noticed some fog ahead:

Uh oh - there's the cold fog up ahead.

And then we drove right into it:

Freezing along Highway 1.

Highway 1 - the fog.

We stopped to take pictures and saw the politics of the edge of the country:

Politics at the edge of the country.

We eventually stopped off in Monterey:

Cannery Row

Cannery Row 2

Pinkish Daisies

Monterey shopping

Blue skies in Monterey

K & G @ Monterey

Monterey Bay.

After Monterey, we drove, and drove, and drove some more, until we stopped off to see some wildlife, several miles north of our Cambria destination:


They're seals! Don't worry - they're alive. And mating. We saw the big males having their way with any female they wanted.

We also saw some cute moms and pups:

Cute seals!

As planned, we arrived in Cambria just in time for sunset:

Fog Catcher Inn

Moonstone Beach 2

Moonstone Beach

The next morning, we got up in just enough time to order the Magic Bullet from an infomercial, have breakfast, and go see Hearst Castle:

Hearst Castle sign.

Just so you know:


The castle itself was pretty amazing. Lots of art, history, and breathtaking views - and also a famous pool that had NO WATER IN IT.

No diving

View from the castle:

View from the hilltop

This is one of the guest houses on the property:

Guest house

This is a 3400 year old piece of art:


This is the main house - Casa Grande:

Casa Grande

Apparently, William Randolph Hearst used paper napkins:

Paper napkins?!

Here's the indoor pool, with 22k gold at the bottom:

Indoor pool

That's 22k gold...

After the Castle, there was more driving. A lot more driving.

View from Rte 46

My turn signal kept going out on account of some loose wiring. We found ourselves fixing it every time we stopped:

Fixing the turn signal.

Loving the self timer function on my camera:

Rte 46

We finally made it home at 8:30 last night, and were treated to some pretty skies on the 101 by Santa Barbara:

Twilight on the 101

Twilight on the 101


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