Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Come back to the five and dime.

Britney is really in the middle it. I mean, she is really going through some stuff right now. Checking in and out of rehabs like they're hooker hotels.

I got to thinking about Ms Spears today on my way to work, because of course, KROQ in Los Angeles can't stop talking about her. The images of her bald head flashed in my mind. Now, I'm all about girls shaving their heads. I'm all about girls doing whatever the hell they want to do. But it's always better when you can actually pull off a shaved head. I have to say, a few years ago, she probably could have pulled it off, with her rock hard stomach and her perfect ass. But now? Not that she's not still cute as a button (when she's fully clothed and not drunk or showing off runny eye makeup), but she does not have that 21 year old body anymore.

Thinking of this, I got kind of sad. Gone are the days of Britney kissing Madonna. Gone are the Baby One More Times, and the Oops I Did it Agains, and let's not forget the In the Zones and the SLAVE 4 U-S! She was so incredibly sexy in those videos and in that time in her life. The only relief is that I thankfully own Britney's Greatest Hits, on CD AND DVD. And whenever I'm feeling a little down, a little lonely, or a little straight, I can just pop in that DVD and all will be right with the world, a world frozen in the time of sexy Britney.

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