Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What the hell?

I suppose I can't have everything I want.

Last season, Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl and thus snapped an annoying winning streak in an instant classic.

Then, USC lost this past season to the unranked Oregon State Beavers. HAHAHA!

Additionally, Ohio State had an undefeated season this past year, including the defeat of the Michigan Wolverines, a team just as talented and tough as the Buckeyes.

To top it off, USC LOST TO UCLA, in my second favorite game of the year!! (Top favorite: OSU v Michigan)

But sadly, with the Bowl season truly upon us, nothing good has happened for any team I like. I rooted for Michigan in the Rose Bowl because I think their team is better than USC. Michigan lost.

I rooted for Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl because I love Notre Dame. They lost - 41 to 14 (an eerie foreshadowing).

Then, in an unthinkable nightmare, the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes got SPANKED by the Flordia Gators last night. 41 to 14. One of Ohio's star players was injured early in the game, and that seemed to throw off the entire team. There was little to no pass protection, and the defense was nothing if not asleep. Because the QB kept getting SACKED, OSU only managed something like 84 yards on the night. It was terrible and embarrassing.

Is it next season yet?

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