Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I started this blog as a way to re-ignite any remaining excitement I ever had about writing. I thought this would force me to write more, thereby make me a better writer, and all around a happier person. This purpose has not been served lately, but I honestly have very little to talk about beyond work, and we all know the golden rule of blogging - don't talk about work.

So, just to have something to post, I'm going to post our proposed schedule for this weekend. Originally, gina and I talked about going up the coast to Cambria, but then we kept making tentative plans, "well, if we're in town, we can do that," and so we just decided to to scrap the trip and follow through with some plans. I've been not feeling well for the better part of the past two months, and I'm finally healthy and not traveling for work, so it's probably better that we reconnect with some people we haven't seen in forever.

I have a comp day Friday. One of the best parts of my job is that if I work on a weekend, I get to take a corresponding weekday off. I have two comp days from this past weekend, so I'm taking one on Friday.

10am - Haircut. I usually get my hair cut only twice a year. On that schedule, I'm four months away from needing one, but the more money I make older I get, I like to treat myself to more services which I once considered luxuries - massages, pedicures, expensive haircuts, and the like. Truthfully, once you've paid $140 for a haircut, and you've seen what a haircut like that looks like, it's hard to ever go back to reasonably priced haircuts. (Luckily, thanks to Liz, I've found a fantastic gal that charges me significantly less than that for a pretty rad cut.)

Post haircut - Hanging with my college friend, also named Gina. I call her little Gina, or Gigischmack (a family nickname), or the littlest Gina. She'll be in town from Seattle - I'm beyond excited!!

Dinner time - Hopefully, dinner with the littlest Gina, her boyfriend Dan (whom* I have yet to meet), and my gina.

Post dinner - Sopranos, then sleep.

8am - gina has an 8 mile run for the marathon training. I will be sleeping, and then perhaps cleaning.

Post run and Starbucks - I think we're going to head to Ontario, (California, not Canada) where a fellow Hubbard High alumnus lives with her hubby and 3 kids. This girl graduated with gina, and I remember her, but she doesn't remember me. Another HHS alumnus will be in town, and they want us to come out there and hang out for a few hours.

Saturday evening - Dinner with older, more mature friends. Homeowners and the like.

Saturday after dinner - Possible birthday party in the south bay.

Hopefully 11am - Possible brunch with Courtney's parents? (Courtney = one of gina's bestest friends)

12pm - Hopefully watching the Saints game with friends

6:00pm - Dinner in the south bay with Christian and Lindsay at a place where the artichokes are apparently to die for, truly.

Sunday evening, after dinner - Sopranos, then sleep.

Sadly, gina has to head back to work on Monday, while I will be enjoying another comp day.

If you've read all the way to the end of this, answer the following question: is it better to post uninteresting stuff, or nothing at all?

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