Monday, February 06, 2006

Wherein I realize the need to have the option of categorizing my entries.

I've been keeping a blog for about a year and a half, and I still haven't managed to figure out a way to organize my entries. I'd love to have a system where I could tell my blog to file this entry under this and that entry under that. Alas, I don't know anything about anything, and therefore I'm forced to sift through this blog and my older one, looking for an entry about Target that I know that I wrote, although I can't remember when and I can't remember about what specifically... and now I've just given up and decided to write without linking this previous entry.

So here goes.

I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go to Target late Saturday morning after a drinking spree which started at 6:30pm on Friday and ended with me unable to sleep Friday night. Everyone thought putting a Target at Santa Monica and La Brea was such a good idea. It'll be so convenient!

It's not.

Sure, it's close, but everyone that goes there is in a hurry to finish shopping before the one hour of free parking elapses, and therefore, this street corner has become one of the most violent in the city. Okay, that's an exaggeration.

At least four times someone in a hurry bumped into me without saying "excuse me." As soon as I got there, I went to get a cart. Naturally, six other people needed one exactly at the same time as me, and they had no problem cutting in front of me to get one. Finally, I forced my way in, and I was pulling my cart out, a woman was trying to pull one out right next to me. Of course they got stuck, and the lady would not stop. Finally, I stopped. And THEN she stopped. I glared at her. "GO AHEAD." She pulled her cart out and smiled. I did NOT return the smile, thank you very much.

I commence my shopping experience, and I begin looking for a silverware separator. Where would this be located? Probably in the flatware section. Probably in the section with all the utensils and such, right? I looked for maybe 15 minutes for silverware separators, and finally, I asked a clerk.

"Where can I find silverware separators?"

"Oh, they're in the back of the store with Pets and Chemicals."

Pets and Chemicals?

This is the moment where I flash back to the movie Better Off Dead, when Lane (John Cusack) is at dinner at Ricky's house, Ricky being the fat kid from Head of the Class, and Ricky's mom says that Ricky and Monique (the cute French foreign exchange student) are learning the International Language of Love. Lane points first at Ricky, then at Monique.

"Him? And her? That makes sense."

I'm TRYING to be tolerant with you, public, but you make it so easy to hate you. You're pushy when it's not necessary. You're rude and inconsiderate.

I can't really pass blame onto anyone, because I'm the dumbass who went there on a Saturday to Pick Up A Few Things... and nothing that I even NEEDED. It was just a few random things for the apartment. I realized this when I had the following conversation with my friend Wendy:

"You went to Target on a Saturday? What did you need?"



"Oh my god. I just went to Target on a Saturday and I didn't even need to go. What's the matter with me?"

Items purchased: silverware separator, 2 loofahs, vitamins for Wendy, birthday card for co-worker.

Items considered: microwave.

Items searched for and not found: chalkboard eraser (for Wendy's daughter).

I have to say, the pain of the day was eased when I got to go home and separate the silverware into the new separator. I like organizing things. What can I say?

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