Friday, February 17, 2006

Now you know.

1. I’m afraid of clowns.
2. This dates back to my childhood, when I had recurring dreams about clowns who lived at a store in the Campbell, Ohio area. The store was called Bargain Port, and it was a port of bargains. And scary, mean clowns.
3. I’m convinced my mom took me to the doctor for these recurring dreams. She insists she did not.
4. I fear weakness in myself.
5. I’m always afraid I’m not as smart as I make myself out to be.
6. I write much better than I speak.
7. I love it when my pillow is cold on my cheek.
8. I actually enjoy having freckles.
9. I was only grounded once in my whole life, and it only lasted about an hour.
10. I received only one detention, in middle school, for responding to the question, "Can I borrow a nickel?" with a "Yes," when the lights were out in the cafeteria. When the lights are out in the cafeteria, you’re not allowed to talk. I still think this was ridiculous.
11. I’m excited to turn 30.
12. I have had a lot of new-friend crushes.
13. I am not confident in myself about 80 percent of the time.
14. I play it off like I’m confident 98 percent of the time.
15. My shoe size is 8 and a half. It was10 in middle school.
16. I’ve never been outside North America.
17. I live 2 1/2 hours from Mexico and have never been there.
18. I don’t have a passport.
19. I have average credit. Not good, not terrible. Average.
20. I got a 29 on my ACT the first and only time I took it. I’m still proud of this.
21. Had I gotten a 30 on my ACT, I would have gone to college for free.
22. I owe $15,000 in student loans.
23. I still think I should’ve taken the ACT one more time.
24. I was in four spelling bees, and never won any of them.
25. The words I missed were, in order, starting with fourth grade: gymnasium, embroidery, grievance, and parallel.
26. I love spelling.
27. Since September 11, 2001, I’ve had 9 dreams involving planes crashing.
28. Five of these dreams occurred in the first six months after 9/11.
29. I have lived in Los Angeles for five years, seven months, 1 week, and 1 day.
30. I started reading when I was four.
31. I started kindergarten when I was four.
32. I’m happiest when I’m writing, or talking about writing.
33. I talk about writing way more than I actually write.
34. I buy, on average, about a book a month.
35. I read, on average, about a book every three months.
36. I’d like to read two books a month.
37. I hate reading electronics instructions, because I think it’s more fun to figure it out on my own.
38. My mom is convinced my second grade teacher is hugely responsible for all of my successes in my life.
39. My mom made it a point to make sure both of my sisters had the same second grade teacher as I did.
40. Neither of my parents went to college.
41. I’m the only grandchild so far on my mom’s side to graduate from a 4-year university.
42. I’m the second grandchild on my dad’s side to graduate from a 4-year university.
43. Out of all of my cousins, I’m the only one who moved away.
44. I live farther from Ohio than any of my other relatives.
45. My closest relative is my cousin who lives in Vacaville, CA. That’s about a seven-hour drive from Los Angeles. She moved there last year, and I’ve seen her once since then.
46. I haven’t had Thanksgiving dinner with my family since 1999.
47. I’ve never been molested.
48. I’ve never been physically abused.
49. I think I’m lucky.
50. I’ve never been in a fistfight.
51. I never skipped a class in high school without my mom’s permission.
52. I had my first alcoholic beverage when I was 19.
53. I didn’t like coffee until I moved to LA when I was 21.
54. I love coffee now.
55. I’ve had a series of celebrity obsessions. The major two have been Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. Julia Roberts made me realize I wanted to work in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie made me realize I’m gay. It’s weird, but it’s worked.
56. My favorite song is "Two Step," by Dave Matthews Band.
57. My favorite color is blue.
58. I majored in Theater in college.
59. I was 3 classes away from a double major in Psychology.
60. I lived away from home for only 9 months while I was in college. It was my junior year, and I rented a house with two friends. It was a three bedroom, 2 story house, with a basement and an attic, a huge front porch, and a nice front and back yard. It also had a driveway and a garage. We each paid $150 a month to live in this house.
61. I get jealous easily, for reasons I know aren’t valid.
62. I consciously work every single day on my jealousy issues.
63. My favorite book is "Catcher in the Rye," which I first read when I was 20 years old. I’ve read it three times.
64. When I was younger, I wanted to be the following things, at different times: animator, astronaut, teacher, Shakespeare scholar, actor, scientist (to discover the cure for AIDS), marine biologist, veterinarian.
65. I hate math.
66. I got straight As in Calculus my senior year.
67. I’m a terrible liar.
68. I’m a democrat.
69. I’m pro-choice, but not pro-abortion.
70. I’m against capital punishment, but think Scott Peterson and Alejandro Avila, the guy who killed Samantha Runyan, should be executed.
71. I like wearing glasses.
72. I have a very skewed vision of marriage and am generally not for the institution. I think gays should be allowed to marry, but I don’t know that I’ll ever marry. Still, I’m envious of people who get to have all of that.
73. My parents are probably going to get divorced soon. I can’t believe they’re still married.
74. My dad is a recovering alcoholic. Well, he was. He’s since started drinking again. This infuriates me more than I can possibly describe.
75. My mom and dad got married because my mom was pregnant with me.
76. I’m blessed with fairly healthy skin.
77. I’ve never broken a bone.
78. I want to learn how to play the guitar.
79. I want to learn Spanish.
80. I have not seen even one episode of the any of the following shows: Lost, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sopranos, 24.
81. I love to sleep.
82. I believe in God.
83. I hate guns.
84. I consider myself adaptable to different situations.
85. I hate mustard.
86. I read a lot of news.
87. I love learning.
88. I love Trivial Pursuit.
89. My feet are happiest when they’re freshly pedicured.
90. I rarely wear makeup.
91. I do not own a digital camera.
92. I don’t like to arrive to a movie theater after the previews have started.
93. I don’t trust the President of my country.
94. Popcorn gives me a stomachache.
95. I’m allergic off-brand Band-Aids.
96. I still like sleepovers.
97. I’m envious of how close my 2 sisters are with each other.
98. I Google people from high school.
99. I don’t like when people spit.
100. I’m good at keeping secrets.

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