Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More fun with Google... and a little Yahoo.

I visited Sitemeter today, which I like to visit every few weeks to see who is reading this and how they're getting here. My friend Jeremy often posts on his website about what search strings are brining up his website. I figure I'd share some search strings that are bringing up my website.

Someone found my website by going to Google and typing in "faux hawk women." My site was on the 2nd page of the results.

Probably my favorite string: someone found my site by going to Google and typing in "Being funny in conversations."

And lastly, someone went to Yahoo and typed in "Jessica Smith's breasts" and "Laguna Beach," and two sites came up. Mine, and Jeremy's. Mine was first. This might upset Jeremy, who likes to think of his site as the Unofficial Site of Jessica Smith's breasts.

Then again, who uses Yahoo to search anymore?

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