Friday, May 19, 2006

I used to not even WATCH this stuff.

I went through a phase lasting about 2 years where I watched maybe 3 hours of TV a month.

That has changed, and watching good shows has become one of mine and Gina's favorite things to do. With it being the season finale season, I thought I'd just give you a few thoughts I have about some of the shows we watch. Careful of spoilers.

1. Gilmore Girls - Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino, the main creative forces behind the Gilmore Girls, are leaving the show this season. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel still have one year left on their contract, so next year will probably be the last season of this charmingly funny, smart show. I'm happy the show is continuing, although I'm worried no one will be able to harness the brilliance of this show as well as Amy and Daniel. Good season finale, with Lorelai essentially flippin' the bird to curmudgeon Luke, who I used to be a fan of, but now he's just annoying me with his, "I'm not ready to get married." It's Lorelai, folks! She's hot! I'd actually much rather see her with Christopher - Rory's dad. He's cuter, and he's much funnier, with a sense of humor very similar to her own.

2. Will & Grace - I remember back in 1998 when this show premiered. I was consistently floored by how funny it was. Every joke made me laugh out loud. I watched every episode with my roommate at the time - it was our favorite show. However, right around 2002-ish, the show started getting... well... boring. And Debra Messing obviously became too close to the actors she was working with, because she cannot get through a scene without cracking a smile. She anticipates the laughter of the audience, and you can see it in her face, and it drives me NUTS. The series finale last night was a huge snooze fest. They did this great hour long special on it where they showed the funniest moments of the show - that was hilarious. But the actual hour long finale was painful and boring, with not even an emotional curtain call for our troubles. Good riddance, I say. Although it is sad that such a groundbreaking show is off the air. A leading gay character is a big deal.

3. LOST - Oh MAN, I love this show. My whole week is built around this show. Friday doesn't mean the start of the weekend... it means one day closer to Wednesday. This past week's episode was kind of disappointing, because we didn't really get any more information than what we already suspected about wacky Michael. It was obvious he was either brainwashed or being bribed, and so the "payoff" of seeing what really happened when Michael went off to the Others' camp was not much of a payoff at all.

Things that still annoy me about the show:

*These folks would have such an easier time on this island if they would COMMUNICATE with each other. They are so island crazy that they think they have to keep stupid secrets from one another. I suppose without this character flaw that every one of them has, there wouldn't really be a show.

*The button - why is it called a button? Why is it called, "pushing the button," when in reality, it's entering a series of numbers and then hitting the "execute" or "enter" key to input the numbers?

*Can't think of ANY BETTER NAME for the other people on the island than "the Others"? It's tacky. Still - can't WAIT for next week's season finale. Looks crazy good - and two hours of it! YESS!

*"The Lost Experience," the interactive website game related to the show, reminds me of that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie gets his decoder pin in the mail and the secret code is "Drink your ovaltene."

4. ER - I know what you're thinking. "ER's still on? Who the hell is still watching it??" Well the answer is ME AND GINA. I started watching ER in 2000, way later than everyone else. ER disappoints me a lot, because every single episode is touted as "THIS IS THE REASON YOU WATCH ER," and really, the reason I watch ER is Maura Tierney, so unless the episode is of her naked the whole time, it's not going to be "THE REASON I WATCH ER." But... last night's episode... beyond "Lost," last night's ER was the best hour of television I've seen in a long time. Cliffhangers with almost every character:

-Abby: Did she lose the baby?

-Kovach (who I hate): Will someone find him? He totally can't breathe well and he's strapped to the bed. Oh, and is he gonna lose his job?

-Jerry: Is he gonna die?!?!?!

-Sam and Alex: High speed chase!! OMG**! Scary!

-Kerry: Is she screwed? At least she can walk now.

-Neela: Will she and stupid Ray hook up now that they killed off Gallant (totally cried during that episode)? Will she FINALLY MAKE OUT WITH ABBY?!

And the shooting scene was SO well shot, so interesting, so tense, amazing, scary. It's hard for me to get that sucked into a show. I hate when shows give away all of their secrets in the preview for the episode. I knew there would be a shooting, but I had no idea it would be by way of infiltration through the dumb EMT wannabe who claims someone's blood pressure is "34 over 28." Even this TV producer knows that's not right.

So basically, the two shows that I will be agonizing over all summer are Lost and ER, and I haven't been this sucked into cliffhanger TV finales since the early seasons of Friends.

The good news: Gina and I are latecomers to Weeds, the amazing show on Showtime starring Golden Globe winner Mary Louise I'M TOTALLY HOT Parker. The season finale of that was amazing, and we just saw it a few weeks ago. I think the new season starts on July 17. NIICE.

And... we've decided that we're going to make two shows our summer shows: Grey's Anatomy, which I've never seen, and Sopranos, which neither of us have ever seen.

Seriously though... is it September yet?

**"OMG" is an acronym I use with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I'm not a big fan of online acronyms, but I feel that they've around long enough that it's funny to make fun of them. Also, I've probably been reading too much of Pink is the New Blog.

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