Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gnu in the News

Here are the news stories I'm thinking about this week:

Mary Cheney on Dave Letterman
While I am fiercely Democrat, I respect people's opinions when they are well-informed. Well, most of the time. It's hard for me to justify anyone voting for this administration in the last election, but that's because I can't see anything good that's come out of it. It's also because I am firmly against having someone in the White House who wants to write discrimination into the Constitution, and who, despite what he says, does not believe in the whole separation of church and state. To me, the two most important fundamentals of this country are 1. Freedom of Speech. 2. Separation of Church and State. The rest is gravy, baby.

I chuckle slightly when people say that George Bush was the man for the job because our national security was/is the most important issue. Just so everyone knows, no matter who won the election, national security would've been an important issue. No one wants Americans to be harmed. Whatever. What's done is done, I guess.

But this... this interview with Mary Cheney on The Late Show w/ Letterman... this incensed me. David Letterman has a lot of great things to say here, and all Mary Cheney can say is, "I talk about this in my book." It's too late, Mary. Vote for your dad, that's fine. But you had a chance to make a difference, and you didn't. You're a coward.

See for yourself here.

Religious Folks for Gays!
Thank you, mainline Protestant and Jewish organizations! Thank you for standing up against discrimination. This is what I'm talking about when I tell people not all Christians are crazy and mean.

Clergy Group Aims to Block Gay Marriage Amendment

The Lesser of Two Evils
Please get rid of this guy, PA folks:
Rick Santorum is not cool.

He's actually kind of archaic and ridiculous.

I'm not alone in my thoughts on this guy.

I read an article in November in the New Yorker about the best chance to beat Santorum - Bob Casey, who has since won the primary in PA. I looked up the article to link here, and interestingly, I found it on a website called "Catholics For Free Choice." See? I told you not all Christians are crazy.

The thing about this Casey guy, he's pro-life. But man... it's really imperative Rick Santorum get defeated, mainly because he's so full of hatred and ignorance. Read the New Yorker article here about Bob Casey.

That's it for now. These are the stories I'm thinking about.

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