Sunday, February 14, 2016

Misogyny and St. Valentine

I waited too long to make a reservation for dinner last night, so we wound up having our Valentine's Day dinner at Taylor's Steakhouse in La Canada Flintridge. I've driven past it many times and was excited to try it, but yelp wasn't selling me on it. We kept our expectations low.

The restaurant was fine, the food was actually delicious - service a little slow, decor quite outdated. But overall, a good choice. We were expecting to be the youngest in the restaurant (we weren't), but what we weren't expecting was a side of misogyny with our dinner.

We were seated at a booth near a couple in their late 40's. He was a boring-looking ruddy-faced middle class sort of guy. I couldn't see her, but I can tell you this much: she was not sober. We had been sitting down for less than five minutes when this conversation happened:

Man: Did you see Hillary on the debate the other night?

Woman: No.

Man: She was wearing this awful shirt...

Woman: Ugh! She needs to wear a dress!

Man: Are you kidding? She's a lesbian!

Because lesbians don't wear dresses. Duh.

Listen, I'm fine if you don't like Hillary. But I don't have to explain to you that this stuff ENRAGES me in every direction imaginable, right? You guys get that, right? Let me know if you don't, I'm happy to enlighten you on why this makes me so angry. When was the last time someone complained about the way a male candidate was dressed? I. Can't. EVEN.

The conversation continued. The man presented the woman with what seemed to be a doomsday scenario.

Man: What happens if it's Trump and Clinton? Who are you going to vote for?

Woman: Oh, god. I don't know. I guess Hillary. I guess I'd have to vote for Hillary. Oh my god. 

Keep in mind, it's not that they would prefer Sanders over Hillary. It's that the idea of a democrat in office for four more years is only MARGINALLY better than a Trump presidency. Marginally.

There was a bunch of other political chat, but the wine was flowing at our table and I can't remember much more of it. I do remember my jaw hitting the table several times, listening to what they were saying.

The best part of the conversation came when the man was recounting to the woman a news report he had seen where several women were interviewed about an event.

Man: And they purposely picked women to interview because they are so EMOTIONAL. There were no men interviewed.

Woman: Are you saying they're emotional because they're WOMEN? Is that what you're really saying to me right now?

Man: Well... are you saying women are not more emotional than men?

This did not go well for him. The silver lining was that she was indeed sticking up for herself.

When it came time for dessert, we found out Mr. Charming still had some tricks up his sleeve.

Man: If I get the creme brulee, I am NOT sharing it with you. You have to promise me you're not going to ask for even a bite. 

Woman: I don't want it. 

Man: So you're going to watch me eat it? And really not ask for any? Because if you take even ONE BITE, YOU have to pick up the check. One. Bite.

Love really was in the air. What a blessing.

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