Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tales from Smith Mountain Lake, Virigina

I'm shooting in a very rural but beautiful lake area in Virginia called Smith Mountain Lake. My crew is from DC, and I don't think any of us fully understood exactly what "rural" meant, until last night.

We headed out for dinner at 9pm, driving about 10 minutes to the nearest restaurant, only to find it was closed. And it's not like it had just closed. It clearly had been closed for a half hour to 45 minutes. We kept driving another 20 minutes or so until we found what looked like some activity in a strip mall. We parked at a pizza place and went to the door to find out if they were still open. It was closed... but the waitress saw us come up the door. She opened the door for us.

"Is there anywhere around here we can have dinner?" my camera guy asked.

She looked at him, looked at her watch, and said in a southern drawl, "Darling, it's 9:30. I suggest you find yourself a grocery store."

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