Friday, September 14, 2007

The Brave One

I decided last week that a good way to utilize the many hours I find myself alone and away from home is to go to the movies to see films I would otherwise undoubtedly miss. Last week in Alabama, I saw Superbad. Tonight, I went to see The Brave One.

It's no Silence of the Lambs. But really, what is? And what will ever be? Nothing. I'd give it a B+, and really only because the storyline is so unbelievable. However, Terrence Howard and Jodie Foster both gave great performances, and Nicky Katt as Detective Vitale stole pretty much every scene he was in. My favorite exchange:

Det. Vitale: This guy's got a rap sheet longer than my dick.
Det. Mercer (Howard): So, no priors?

I love Jodie Foster. Love, love, love. I used to have the movie poster from Maverick hanging up in my bedroom in high school. I have to say though, the older she gets, there's one thing she cannot do. And that one thing is pretend that she's straight.

I can't remember ever seeing Jodie Foster gayer than she is in this movie. Sure, she looks like she's probably loves Naveen Andrews (who plays David, her boyfriend) - the smiles, the touchiness - but this could all be a new friend crush or something. This woman is clearly a lesbian.

Now, there are some lesbians who could probably easily play straight women on film. Portia DiRossi and Leisha Hailey are both great examples. Ellen DeGeneres? No. k.d. lang? Never. We can officially add Jodie to that list.

I guess we can't fully blame Jodie for how overtly gay she seems in this movie. First of all, everyone is pretty sure she's gay in real life. Secondly, whoever designed her "look" for this movie clearly wanted to appeal to the lesbian in all of us. Her hair is the shagginess of her "Freaky Friday" days and the length of her "Accused" days. Neither look is very feminine. To top it off, she's constantly carrying around this messenger bag - never a purse - and she's always dressed like she's hitting up ladies night at the Normandie room - little trendy tee shirts, low waisted jeans, comfortable shoes that could most likely crush your skull. Not to mention, what little makeup she does wear was clearly not put on by her. There's a scene where she's putting lip gloss on and she might as well be smearing tar on her face - she seems that unaccustomed to such trappings as lip gloss. The look in her eyes is, "Okay, it's just like chapstick, only with a wand instead of a tube. You can DO this, Jodie."

I used to think Jodie was getting hotter with every movie she made. Turns out, she's just getting gayer... which for me, equals hotter.

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