Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And I thought I wasn't addicted to anything...

Since I learned what the word "cliche" meant, I've had this overwhelming, sinking feeling that I've been nothing but cliche my whole life. So present is this notion, the very mention of the word "cliche" is... well, cliche.

To add to this, I'm about to tell you the most cliche 21st-century-life-in-Los-Angeles thing ever: there is a drink, a very special drink, available only at your local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, to which I am addicted. That's right... addicted. It's the White Chocolate Latte... so glorious is it, I must use capital letters to refer to it.

Growing up with an alcoholic father, I don't like to use the term "addiction" lightly, so maybe I'm not quite addicted. But I really love this cup of coffee. I've decided that I'm going to allow you to be the judge... a very rare instance where I'm encouraging judgment from other people.

This morning, I left early for work for a few reasons: Gina and I are going to dinner in Anahiem tonight with her brother Frank who is in town from the Bay Area. I'll need to get out of work early to make it there before tomorrow. Also, I needed gas in my car. As soon as I woke up, I thought: Oohhh... I'm totally going to take Laurel Canyon to work instead of the 101 so that I may stop at Coffee Bean to get a White Chocolate Latte! That's right: I actually planned altering my usual route to work JUST so that I could get this cup of coffee.

Allow me to back up for a second: three weeks ago, I swore off coffee during the week. Last week was a really busy week which included a whirlwind trip to Ohio, so I allowed myself to have coffee last week, fully intending on resuming my coffee-on-the-weekends-only rule once this week started. Ha.

Back to this morning: I stopped at the gas station, convincing myself I needed gas in my car more than I needed a sugary latte. I was making the right decision! No coffee! I'd just have tea when I got to work! Just like I should be doing! I went inside to pay and the line, nearly 8 people deep, didn't move for three minutes. I'm my mother's daughter when it comes to my ability to wait... for ANYTHING, so I turned around and left without getting gas. And because I couldn't get gas, I thought I deserved my White Chocolate Latte.

On my way to Coffee Bean, as I snaked up Laurel Canyon, I talked myself out of getting the cup of coffee. You don't need the sugar, you don't need the caffeine, don't get it. And yet, as I neared the turn, my car inexplicably turned into the parking lot. And after I finished listening to the NPR story about the case being heard before the Supreme Court regarding universities allowing military recruiters on campus even though they discriminate against homosexuals, I walked myself right into that Coffee Bean and ordered a LARGE White Chocolate Latte, extra hot. And man, it was tasty.


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