Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On dog ownership.

I don't want this site to become solely about our dog, but she's completely changed our lives. I'm shocked at the effect she's had on me. I knew life would be different with her, but I was only thinking about it as the care taking part - where will she stay when we go out of town? How often will we have to walk her? How hard will it be to train her? In the weeks before she came, gina and I would get up in the morning and lounge around and have coffee and watch TV before work, and gina would say, "I'm going to miss mornings like this." I would sleepily agree... and certainly, since Noodle's arrival, I've only slept past 6:30 once. What I didn't expect was how little it would bother me. Everything I do for her, I do happily - even when she's not listening, even when she's vomiting in my car (she gets carsick pretty easily), even when she's restless at 5:30am because she needs to go outside - I never, ever resent her. I couldn't imagine resenting her.

I know she's a dog, and not a child. But I have to say, if I feel like this about a dog, I can't imagine what I'll feel like when we have children. Everything this dog does makes me laugh right out loud. I feel so overwhelmingly responsible for her and for her happiness, and because she makes me so happy, I only want to return the favor to her.

I fully admit, I never thought I'd feel this way about a dog. We took her to doggy day care today - Wagville in Los Angeles. She passed her evaluation last week with flying colors, and they told us we could bring her whenever we wanted. Not wanting to travel home to take her out at lunch time, I suggested to gina we take her today. First day of school! I heard myself saying to the receptionist, "You'll call me if something happens, right?" She smiled and said, "She'll be fine. Yes, we'll call you if something happens. But she'll be fine."

Wagville has a web cam so you can check in on the action. I checked it about 20 minutes after I dropped her off and didn't see her. Of course, I thought I saw her - there are probably 6 little tan dogs. However, when I actually DID see her, there was no mistaking her - a skinny little body with a surprisingly big head and a tail like a squirrel - bushy and straight up in the air. My heart literally leapt, and I felt myself smiling (almost stupidly). It's almost impossible to accurately describe the feeling I had at that moment.

Last week, I took Noodle to meet my friend Wendy's kids, Zoe (5) and Wyatt (4). I brought her in and introduced her to the kids, who were engrossed in a Barbie video. Wyatt looked at her, and then looked up at me grinning. He said, "You're a mother now!"

I had to agree with him.

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