Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I wish I was [sic] a little bit taller.

I have a few tall girl-friends, ranging from 5’11” to 6’2”. At 5’7” (maybe 5’8”) I’ve always sort of prided myself on being kind of tall. And then I met these girls. No longer do I ever think I’m tall.

I was talking to one of the shorter of my tall friends Joey, who stands at a mere 5’11”. Joey often wears heels of some sort, and on those days, I would bet my life she’s just about 7’ even. In any case, as I’m sure it often does, her height came up in conversation at work yesterday when myself, Lisa, and Joey were chatting. Joey mentioned that she was the smallest one out of her siblings.

-How tall is your sister?


-How tall is your brother?



-Well, my mom is 6’2, and my dad is 6’6.

-You’re KIDDING me!

-They did meet at Tall Club.

Lisa and I looked at each other. ”Tall club?!”

Just when I thought Joey could not get any cooler.

Joey was surprised she hadn’t told me, because it’s apparently a story she shares with a lot of people. She went on to tell us that her parents met at a Tip Toppers Tall Club mixer back in the day and well, the rest is history. She then told us that she tried to become a member but she’s too short! Women have to be 6 feet and men have to be 6’4”. She reminded them that she was born of two card-holding members, and shouldn’t that make her a legacy? Nope, too short.

We felt bad that someone as cool and as tall as Joey would be denied membership to any club, so we made her an Honorable Mention certificate for being ALMOST tall enough. We also put a tag line – Drink your milk and reapply next year! She loved it, and I believe she takes comfort in the fact that to us, she’s practically the president of the Tip Toppers Tall Club.

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