Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Less sad!

For the first time, I've been tagged to do a "meme." By TWO WHOLE PEOPLE! Here goes.

5 Things in my fridge/freezer:
1. Rice Milk
2. Fake bacon
3. Turkey burgers
4. Trader Joe's Hefe Weizen
5. Rice pudding

5 Things in my closet:
1. A brand new shoe rack, which I will surely post pics of soon.
2. A trash bag full of mine and Gina's clothes that we don't wear.
3. Our laundry.
4. 2 pairs of matching birkenstocks
5. 2 pairs of almost matching Doc Marten Mary Janes

5 Things in my purse/bag:
1. Calendar
3. Wallet.
4. Mother Jones
5. Gum.

5 Things in my car:
1. About 7 empty water bottles.
2. Trash bag.
3. Armor All for windows and dashboard.
4. Tax files from last year (I know - terrible.)
5. A ton of freebees from Gay Pride this year. That was two months ago. Still haven't removed them from my trunk. NICE.

I'm not tagging anyone just yet...

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