Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Friend or Foe-hawk?

I gotta say, officially, I'm over the faux-hawk. I still approve of it some instances, such as the following: if you're not a raging bitchy dyke, then yes, a faux-hawk is still okay. Otherwise? Shave it. Do us all a favor.

This is why I hate this hairstyle: in my many, many nights spent in lesbian bars over the last few years, I have maybe met one or two worthwhile women sporting this 'do. The rest of them have been entirely forgettable if not downright unfriendly.

Last night, gina and I went to Guys. I used to go to this bar all the time, and I would have fun there. Last night, however, the crowd was about 10 years younger than normal, and it was apparently free drink night if you showed your "I'm a bitch" card at the door.

I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I witnessed something last night that made me realize my hasty generalizations might not be so hasty. Two girls who looked exactly the same, both with faux-hawks and stretched earlobes, were standing at the bar, waiting for their drinks. It was clear with one look that these girls thought they were the bee’s knees. I mean, we were all so lucky to be in their presence.

I watched a short cuddly-looking girl with braces, not much older than 22, walk up to these 2 faux-hawks with a look of excited recognition. Yay! She was meeting friends out and she found them! She hadn't come alone... she was flanked by two shy girls who waited behind while she walked up to the two faux-hawks. She tapped one of the faux-hawks on the back. Nothing. Tapped her again. Nothing. Put her full hand on her back and rubbed it in that friendly sort of way that usually illicits a warm hug. Faux-Hawk 1 turned around and looked at her. Cuddly girl waved and smiled. Faux-Hawk 1 turned back to the bar.

THEN, Cuddly Girl did the same thing to Faux-Hawk 2, and Faux-Hawk 2 had the same response. Looked at her, and turned back to the bar. No hug, no motion that said "hang on a sec, I'm ordering a drink," nothing. These Faux-Hawks totally blew off this girl, a girl they clearly knew but maybe didn't want to know.

In my most adult move of the day, I complained about it to gina, motioning to the Faux-Hawks, and then I started making faces behind their backs: "Oh, I'm SO important! Look at my faux-hawk!"

I'm lucky those girls didn't see me, because they could've kicked my ass, for sure.

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