Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six years of blog entries; no comments.

Ah, I'm a saver of things. I never got a lot of comments on this blog, but I was happy to read every single one. And now, they're all gone. Bye-bye!

I'm trying to get back on my own personal blog train, but this isn't encouraging. LAME!


Virgin In The Volcano said...

Here's a new comment for you!

BuenoBaby said...

Getting kicked in the shins by your own blog, that's low!

Consider this your first NEW comment:) [With smiley face and all. If you're lucky, I'll add a 'LOL' next time!]

Katie said...

Thanks, girls!

Lydia said...

I rarely comment, but I do check in often. Despite many years and counltess miles...I like to know how old friends are doing.