Monday, September 25, 2006

Already September, and this was only my first wedding.

Gina and I flew to Colorado this past weekend for a wedding. On the shuttle on the way to the actual ceremony, someone asked, "So how many weddings has everyone been to this year?"

A young guy in front of us whose girlfriend was in the wedding confessed that this was his fourth.

A long haired theater kid said this was only his third, but that he was going to two more before the year would be over.

Behind us, a married friend of ours marveled that this was only their second of the year.

I looked and Gina and said, "Yeah, this is our first of the year."

A fashionable (gay) guy sitting next to us said, "My friends aren't really the marrying type."

Gina laughed and said, "Ours either." I added, "The two friends we have that ARE the marrying type have found each other, luckily."

The two friends are Lisa and Allyson. Our first gay wedding ever. I met Lisa about two years ago, and subsequently her girlfriend Allyson, and there never were two people more suited for each other. As a gay girl myself, I go back and forth about gay weddings. I feel like it would be hard for me to take it seriously if it were my own. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - gay marriage is weird. Not bad. Not destructive. Just different. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and a little weird. But this wedding was so perfect... And Colorado might be my new favorite place:

Allyson and mom:

Allyson and mom

Lisa and parents:

Lisa and parents 2


Life partners

Freezing out here...

How gina plays poker...

Unity bouquet:

Unity bouquet

First dance:

First dance

Fun around Colorado:

We love Colorado!

The Fox Theater in Boulder

The Hill - Univ of Colorado

Colorado sky 2

The Rockies:

First snowstorm hits Rockies.

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