Friday, July 07, 2006


I recently found out about Kristine Stone's website where, every week, she gives you three prompts and encourages you to take/post pictures inspired by the three prompts. This seemed nothing short of amazing to me, so I'm doing it! Hopefully every week. The game is called Stuff Portrait Friday. And guess what? It's Friday! And I have pictures of stuff!

She's getting married this weekend, so there's a bit of a wedding theme...

"Your Love"

Most of you know, that's Gina. Most of you also know that we don't have a kid (yet), and that sunshine you see pouring out of her face is there because she's holding her very first nephew, Giovanni. Imagine what her face will look like when she's holding her first child.

"Honeymoon" (Take us somewhere with your photo.)

This was taken way back in Katie-is-crazy-and-doesn't-own-a-digital-camera! phase of my life. This is in Hawaii, on Maui, near the Sheraton Maui. I was there NOT on vacation but for work. I only spent three days there, and two of those days were travel days, and it rained the last day, but Hawaii is still the best place I've ever visited.

"Something Blue"

I kinda like this picture. Can you guess what it is?

And that's it! The very first Stuff Portrait Friday on It's Katie, everybody!

Have a great weekend. We're off to see the Indigo Girls in San Diego tonight.

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